After Nature

After Nature

Through her reading of a series of artworks from the collection of the Glyptotek, Josefine Klougart draws connections between art and litterature, reflecting on what form of knowledge the two represents. After Nature is a personal history of art and a poetics of living litterature.

In this way, we can, for instance, consider Sisley’s painting The Furrows, and feel that we, with this painting, have moved into a new territory of unfathomable insight – a realization that doesn’t have a name but is a shivering sensation of a world bathed in cabbage-pale autumn light, a sense of death’s presence in life, the banal; a sense that, already, under the blooming trees in April and May, lies the ground, in the middle of the day in shimmering shade, and slightly below, just twenty, thirty, forty centimeters down, it is cool and dark. It is the built-in mystery of art. How many plowed fields have I seen in my life without understanding this, without so clearly feeling the cold underside of the earth’s crust, of life.

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