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Silk Roads

From precious stones to spices, from new religions to technological innovations, the exchange of goods and ideas along the ancient trading routes of the Silk Roads has played a crucial role in the developement of civilizations across Europe and Asia.

This beautiful illustrated overview, the first and most ambitious of its kind, places landscapes at the heart of 1,500 years of Eurasian history. With contributions from over 80 leading experts from around the world, each chapter explores the history of trade and cultures along the Silk Roads in the context of a particular terrain – steppe, mountains, deserts, rivers and seas – to reveal how integral the landscapes of the Silk Roads have been defining the resources, travel and communities of those who lived and traded alond these routes.

Gloriously illustrated with detailed maps, stunning photography of the landsacapes of Central Asia and 100 iconic treasures, including archaeological artefacts and ancient ruins, this ground-breaking book honours the legacy of richly diverse cultures that advanced and flourished not in spite of their differences, but because of them.

With 491 illustrations, 461 in colour.

ISBN: 9780500021576, sider: 480, Susan Whitfield, ed., Thames & Hudson, 2019, H:28.6 cm W:22.5 cm , 2400 g


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