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On Color

Ranging from Homer to Picasso and from the Iranian Revolution to The Wizard of Oz, this riveting and radiant book awakens us anew to the roles colors play in our lives.

We live in a world of vivid colors, and use these colors to define our moral, psycological, and social existence. But for all of color’s inescapability, it remains an elusive and enigmatic subject. Now David Scott Kastan and Stephen Farthing, a scholar and a painter, offer a fresh, searching, and imaginative exploration of what colors are: how we see them, how we name them, how we make them, and how we use them to understand ourselves and our world.

On Color investigates color from numerous perspectives: literary, historical, cultural, anthropological, philosophical, art historical, political, and scientific. In ten engaging and wide-ranging chapters, each devoted to a different color, the book examines the various ways colors appear and matter in our lives. Always with color, there is more than meets the eye. Beautifully produced, the book is lively and learned, suggestive and surprising, making the topic of color come alive with all the energy and delight of color itself.

ISBN: 9780300248463, sider: 254, David Scott Kastan, Yale University Press, 2018, H:19.8 cm W:15.5 cm , 520 g


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