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Forgotten People of the Ancient World

Who were the Philistines?

What was the writing on the wall?

Why should you speak to a Samaritan?

Who was King Midas and what was the Gordian Knot?

Can you name the Lost Tribes of Israel?

Were the Vandals really vandals?

Did Goths wear black?

What was a Pyrrhic victory? How did the term arise?

Find the answers – and vivid tales of unsung peoples and migrating tribes who shaped out heritage – in this richly illustrated book, rangnin from Sargon of Akkad at civilization’s dawn to the barbarian invasions at the fall of Rome.

ISBN: 9780500052150, sider: 288, Philip Matyszak, Thames & Hudson , 2020, H:24.6 cm W:17.7 cm , 880 g


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